Open and honest about Masterscout

There are financial risks associated with investing in virtual player shares on Masterscout. We think it is important that it is clear to everyone how Masterscout works....

What does the collaboration between Masterscout and clubs and players look like?

Masterscout has no collective cooperation with clubs and players in the Netherlands. However, it is possible that we have an agreement on an individual level with 1 or more clubs and/or players.

Am I really buying a player's share?

Masterscout is an app in which you trade in the virtual shares of soccer players. We are not part of a contract between a club and a player. This means that you speculate based on supply and demand and you may make a profit if you sell your shares of a player at a higher price to someone else on the platform. There is no form of dividend which is paid out. However, there may be agreements with players through which they share special content with their shareholders, among other things.

How do we manage your money?

Your balance is held in a standalone trading account in the name of Masterscout B.V. This account is separate from Masterscout B.V.'s general trading account and is used for all Masterscout users. Only deposits and withdrawals will be processed within this account.

I don't see all the players from the Dutch leagues

When Masterscout was launched, quite a few players were launched, but not all players from the league can be found on the platform yet. This is because there needs to be a good balance between the amount of users and the amount of shares on the platform. Every month we launch several new players. So the amount we launch monthly depends on the growth of users.

What does Masterscout do to combat addiction?

We want Masterscout to remain fun for everyone, so we protect our users by setting a limit on the amount that can be deposited into your account balance. Currently it is 500 euros per year.

What kind of product am I buying when I buy an FTB token or a player share?

The FTB coin is the internal payment currency of the Masterscout platform. You use this coin to buy players' virtual shares on the platform and, at a later stage, perhaps other products. Both the FTB coin and the virtual shares of players are digital tokens. These digital tokens are not stored on a blockchain and are therefore not crypto tokens or NFTs.  

Do you own shares of players and sell them on the platform?

We issue a maximum number of shares per player over his career. This means that if all these shares are sold out there will be no new shares. We may not sell all of a player's shares at launch at once, and we may put shares of a player on the market later in time. We do not do that in the period immediately after the launch of a player. In addition, we do (sell) some shares from time to time so that there is always supply and demand on the platform (marketmaking).

Can I always sell my shares (at the current price)?

Masterscout is a trading platform in which we bring supply and demand together. That means that there are users asking for shares and there are users offering shares for sale. Please note that users bidding for shares are probably bidding lower than the current price and therefore if you accept such an offer you will get a lower price. It may also be that at times there is no demand for shares. The best thing you can do if there is no demand or if you find other users' bids too low is to make a "set your price order. That way you decide how much you want to get for your shares and your order will be listed for possible buyers. You may have to wait a while for someone to buy your shares. So check for how many other scouts want to sell a share to determine a good price.

How many shares are issued per player?

As of January 1, 2024, we issue a maximum of 1,000 shares per player. We may issue all these shares in the Invest phase, or we may issue fewer shares in the Invest phase and later issue additional (up to the maximum of 1000) shares in the Trade phase.