Game Rules

Game Rules

Masterscout, THE GAME

Game rules Masterscout EK

  • Set up your team of your best 5 players each round of play. You do this in the app by clicking on "Wallet & Game" and then going to the "Game" tab.
  • You set up your team with our large amount of free players or players purchased on our transfer market.
  • The players who have had (sufficient) playing time get a point from our partner sofascore for their performance on the field. If not, they get a 5 from us.
  • The average rating of all your players multiplied by the factor of 10 is your point as a scout. Each round, the top 5 in the standings will receive a cash prize. The standings can be seen after each round by clicking on "Wallet & Game" in the app and then going to the "Game" tab.
  • Players on your team can be boosted, making that player weigh twice as much in your score.
  • You can draft a substitute player, who (if his score is higher) replaces a teammate's worst score.
  • There are 6 normal rounds: 3 rounds of matches in the pool phase, the 1/8 final, the ¼ final and the semifinals. Each round the top 25 qualify for the final which is played during the final of the European Championships. So a maximum of 150 scouts participate in that.
  • We reserve the right to launch additional players (paid or free) during the European Championship to ensure there remains sufficient choice after the pool phase.
  • The prize pool will be split 75% between the first 6 rounds and 25% of the prize money in the final.
  • The prize money paid out is determined by your scout-level. You can see your scout-level in the app by clicking on "Wallet & Game". Everyone starts at the beginning of the European Championship at 0 points. Your points earned with your team determine your scout level. The longer you are in the game and the higher the points you obtain, the higher your level is. A maximum of 700 points can be obtained. The payouts per level in the individual rounds and finals will be published soon.
  • It is also possible to raise your scout level yourself via a Levelup. This only impacts the level of prize money to be paid out and not your result in the ranking.
  • A levelup only counts if it was bet before the round in question. It makes no sense (for example) to bet a levelup after the finals.
  • In the overview below you can see the prizes. The first overview concerns the prizes paid to the top 5 each round and the second picture concerns the prize money for the final. So at each level there is a different level of prize money.

Game rules regular season.

In Masterscout, THE GAME , scouts compete against each other in a competition for the coveted title of 'Masterscout of the Year'.

How does it work?
Masterscout, THE GAME is a free game where every week you create a line-up of 5 players from your selection. These can be players that we provide for free or that you bought yourself on our transfer market. These players receive a point from our data partner Sofascore for their performance on the field. The ratings of all players in your team form the basis for your score as a scout in Masterscout, THE GAME. At the end of each month, we distribute 500 FTB prize money to the top 10 in the standings and at the end of the season, the scale is awarded to the best Masterscout and the 3 best scouts of the season receive a fantastic prize!

Conditions for judging
To compete in the overall standings and have a chance to win the prizes, the following rules apply:

  • You must have 5 players drafted into your team.
  • If you have too few players, then each missing player automatically gets a 5 as a rating.
  • If a player does not receive a rating from Sofascore because he did not get any or too little playing time, for example, then the player also receives a 5 as a rating.
  • All matches from Friday night 20:00 CET to Monday night 23:59 CET will count in that week's ratings.
  • Always have your team ready by 8 p.m. on Friday night.
  • Players must be in your team during this entire period (Friday 20:00 CET - Monday 23:59 CET). If you sell a player during this time and you no longer have shares in them, their points will not count and you will receive a 5 as a rating.

The point you get as a scout after a round of play is the average rating of all your players. The amount of shares you have in a player does not affect your point.

Matches that are cancelled, suspended or for any other reason canceled or stopped, and are not made up by Monday evening, do not count towards the scores of that playing weekend. Scores will not wait for the game to be made up for calculation.

Free players
Masterscout provides free players that you can use to draft your team. These players may change during the season with the premise that it is a representative group of players with whom you have a chance to win Masterscout, THE GAME. These players cannot be traded.

Ranking and placement for finals
Each month the top 10 players of the month qualify for the finals played in the last 1.5 months of the regular Dutch league. A total of 70 scouts compete in these finals.

Scouts who have qualified for the finals in previous periods and finish in the top 10 again in a subsequent period create an extra spot for the No. 11 of that month. This means the No. 11 qualifies for the finals in that case.

rounds of play
First period: August + September.
Second period: October
Third period: November
Fourth period: December
Fifth period: January
Sixth period: February
Seventh period: March
Final: April + May.

Allocationof scores
The weekly allocation of scores is done on Tuesdays. All matches played from Friday to Monday count in that week. The Dutch competition is leading in this. This means that if there are no rounds of play in the Netherlands, the scores of players playing abroad will not be counted. The date of the Friday of a round of play determines whether that round of play counts in a particular month. For example: If the matches on Friday are on September 30 and the matches on Saturday are on October 1, then the entire round of play counts for September. nIf a player has played 2 matches in the period from Friday to Monday, then his last score counts.

There are no additional costs associated with participation in Masterscout THE GAME.

Every month we distribute 500 euros in play money to the top 10 players in the monthly rankings. The distribution of the money is as follows:

Spot 1: 150 FTB
Spot 2: 100 FTB
Spot 3: 65 FTB
Spot 4: 50 FTB
Spot 5: 35 FTB
Spot 6: 30 FTB
Spot 7: 25 FTB
Spot 8: 20 FTB
Spot 9: 15 FTB
Spot 10: 10 FTB

At the end of the 2023/2024 season, we will distribute the following prizes among the top 3 in the final standings of Masterscout, THE GAME:

First prize: Visit to a top game abroad including hotel + flight for 2 people.
Second prize: 1 day driving in an exclusive sports car.
Third prize: A shirt of a club of your choice.

General game rules Masterscout

With Masterscout you search, analyze and trade the virtual shares of soccer's greatest talents! In our app you search the pool of talented footballers to find the talent of your favorite club or just that one footballer from a big club you saw excelling on TV!

Masterscout works with 2 phases: Invest and Trade.

InvestIn this phase, virtual shares are sold at a low but increasing price. Use Masterscout data, your own knowledge and expert reviews to invest in the best talents. 
TradeIn "Trade" you trade players based on supply and demand. Players enter this stage when all virtual shares from the "Invest" stage have been sold. Grab your profits here!

Trading in the Invest phase

In the Invest phase, players' shares are sold to the market and you as a scout have the opportunity to invest for a low price. It is not possible to sell your shares in this phase. For this you have to wait until all the player's shares are sold. The maximum duration of the Invest phase for a player is 5 weeks. After that, Masterscout destroys the remaining shares of the Invest phase and the player goes to the market. After that point, the player's shares are fully tradable and you can sell the shares on the market.

Trading in the Trade phase

At Masterscout, THE GAME we cooperate with Sofascore for the players' weekly scores. Sofascore scores also affect the price of shares in the Trade phase. At the end of each match day, the prices of players' shares are adjusted based on the scores players have received from Sofascore. The higher the score, the harder the price rises, but of course this works the other way around as well.

The details:

  • After each game, a player receives a point from Sofascore (provided sufficient playing time).
  • A score of 6.5 on Sofascore is the calculation point. Scores above a 6.5 produce an increase. Scores below a 6.5 a decrease.
  • The higher the point the higher the rise. Each whole point difference yields a 10% rise or fall. As an example: A player worth 3FTB who scores 8 rises 15% to 3.45FTB.
  • Every fifteen minutes daily (on the hours 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 , 23 and 0) a match is checked to see if it has ended, points can be assigned and trade prices adjusted.
  • All matches rated by Sofascore count, so in addition to league matches, international, cup and European matches also count.
  • Immediately after adjusting the price, all open orders are deleted and bidding on buy and sell orders restarts. 
  • Exception: Players who are not rated because they play in a league for which Sofascore does not issue points will not be adjusted in the price.
  • Percentages by which stock prices increase or decrease based on scores may still change in the future should the need arise.

Update prices on transfers.
On transfers, we update the prices of players. If a player makes a transfer (rental transfers excluded), then the league level is considered.

A transfer to a higher level is 10% price increase per level with a max of total 20% increase.

Each level down is a 10% price reduction with a maximum total of 20% reduction.

The levels of the leagues:

Level 1
Highest divisions of England, Spain, Italy and Germany.
Level 2
Highest divisions of France, the Netherlands, Portugal
Second division of England
Level 3
Highest divisions of Belgium and Turkey
Second division of Spain and Italy
Level 4
Highest divisions of Czech Republic, Scotland, Switzerland and Austria
Second divisions of Germany and France
Level 5

Amount of shares per player
By January 1, 2024, we will issue a maximum of 1,000 shares per player. We may issue all these shares in the Invest phase, or we may issue fewer shares in the Invest phase and later issue additional (up to the maximum of 1000) shares in the Trade phase.

Type of Orders
There are, as in the normal stock market, 2 possible orders you can place to buy or sell your shares in the trade phase:

1) The market order: This order is executed by simply clicking the green Buy or red Sell button and entering the number of shares. If there is supply from the market at that moment, the trading platform will immediately choose the best price for you to execute your order.
2) The Limit Order: To execute this order you click on the button "Determine price". This way you decide for which price you want to buy or sell shares. It may take some time before your order is executed because first there must be another scout who wants to close this deal with you.

It is possible to place orders 10% below and 30% above the current price. Orders that are 35% off the current price are automatically removed.

A maximum of 10 shares may be offered simultaneously per user per player in 1 or more sell orders.


Through the app or through the website, you register yourself to use Masterscout. Here, for the initial registration, only an email address and password need to be chosen. Then a verification email is sent to the specified email address which you need to confirm. Once this is done you will have access to Masterscout.


When registering, it is possible to enter a referral code you received from someone.

If you deposit a minimum of 20 euros, you get 2 euros extra from us on your account. If you deposit a minimum of 40 euros, you get 5 euros from us! The person who gave you that code also gets 2.5 euros from us on his account.

The conditions for this referral action are:
- Minimum amount of deposit(s) within one week after account creation is 20 euros.
- Within one week after account creation, a minimum of 10 euros has been spent on the purchase of shares in Invest or Trade.
- User is approved for ID check.

In addition, the giver of the code will receive a bonus of 10 FTB if the first deposit is a minimum amount of 50 euros. Referral bonuses will be awarded within an hour if all conditions are met.

With every 5th submission of a subleague, the administrator of the subleague gets 2.5 FTB. Condition is that they are all different (natural) persons and have all done an ID check. Allocation of this reward occurs weekly.


By default, the app opens with the login window. Enter the registered email address and password here to log in for Masterscout. For extra security, it is also possible to use 2 factor authentication. You can arrange this in your account. If you have activated this, after logging in you will be asked to enter a code you received via Google Authenticator. After you have entered this code and clicked Ok, you will enter the Masterscout application.


We like to know who you are, but we limit that to only the information that is really necessary. Our KYC (Know Your Customer) process consists of only 2 steps where you have already completed the first one after registering. The second and final step is the verification of your age and address. We do this to determine if you are over 18 and if we are transferring the money you want to pay out at a later date to the right person.

Depositing money

To buy player shares you need to be in possession of FTB tokens. These tokens can be purchased from the Account page. Clicking the "Buy FTB" button will take you to the payment page where you can purchase your FTB tokens using various payment options. Upon completion of this process, the balance in the account will be updated within a maximum of a few minutes. Once this is done you are able to buy player shares with your FTB tokens. 1 FTB is equivalent to 1 euro.

Cash Out

You can have the balance (in FTB) paid out in whole or in part. This balance can be found in the app on your account page. The value of player shares from your portfolio (My Team) is expressed in the FTB currency (our internal payment currency). In order to cash out, you must first sell your player shares on the FTB platform. Then you can cash it out to a valid IBAN account number.

Scout rating of players

In order to buy a player's virtual shares, you obviously want to know which players have the most potential. We would like to help you in your search for the greatest talent. In the profile of a player you can therefore see the score (the Scout rating) that our own scouts have given a player.

Our scouts include the following data in giving the score:
- To what level can a player potentially grow?
- How much growth is possible from the player's current level?
- What is the player's market value?
- What is the market value in relation to the end of contract date?

Price of a virtual share

For the purpose of the invest phase, the price of a player's virtual share is determined based on the league in which a player is active (rental players excluded). After the invest phase, the price of a share is determined based on supply and demand on our trading platform.

My team

After you buy a player's virtual shares in the app, they are included in your team. These are visible by selecting "My team" at the bottom of the menu. Here you can see exactly which players are in your team (portfolio) and what the total value of your team is.

View Trade and Order History

In your account, under the general tab, you can view the history of orders and trades placed. This way you can always see if your order has been placed and executed.

Commission on transactions

We charge the seller a commission of 5% of the value of the total transaction. We do not charge a commission to the buyer.

Due to the introduction of Masterscout, we do not charge commissions until May 1, 2024.

Terminate account

Want to terminate your account for any reason. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will make sure everything is completed nicely, your account will be stopped and your data deleted.

Viewing or deleting data

If you would like to see which of your data we keep on our servers, please send an email to [email protected]. We will shortly send you an overview of this data. In the privacy statement you can see what information we collect from you. If you want your data removed, please send us an email to [email protected]. With the removal of your personal data, we simultaneously terminate your account.

How do we manage your money?

Your Balance is held in a standalone trading account in the name of Masterscout B.V. . This account is separate from Masterscout BV's general trading account and is used for all Masterscout users. Only deposits and withdrawals will be processed within this account.