Master scout for players

Hey what am I seeing now? I see that shares are being sold from me as a player. How exactly is that and what's in it for me?

With Masterscout, soccer fans scout, discuss and invest in, and about, soccer players. They do this in an app, where they find plenty of data analysis to discover talent, and buy virtual shares of these talents for the lowest price. Whoever has the sharpest eye gets the highest return. In the app, the 'scouts' talk among themselves in our community about player development and get input from real scouts and former soccer players to find the best players and develop themselves to become Masterscouts!

One of the most important parts of Masterscout's mission is that talent should always get the stage they deserve. By having our 'scouts' search for the most talented players, we achieve this mission through crowdscouting: Scouting by the crowd. For players, Masterscout is therefore also a platform on which they can show themselves in a positive way to the soccer fans of the Netherlands (and at a later date also the rest of Europe). Masterscout supports that with all kinds of data analyses and reports from scouts and former players, but in addition, in the future we also want to involve soccer players themselves more with personal content for 'their' (future) shareholders.

We use a photo of the players in the app as identification for our users where we do not show the club's uniform. If you as a player would like to change or remove your photo, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Contact us for more information on player compensation at [email protected].