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Play for free in the EC2024 poule and win the prize pool of €2000.
In addition to these cash prizes, we are giving away several other prizes such as a signed jerseys! Masterscout is for 18 years and older.

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The European Championship pool in brief


Join us as a real scout! Explore our data to discover the best EC2024 players currently dominating the field. It's your chance to discover the next big star in Football. Start scouting now!


Have you found a good player for your European Championship team? Dive into our transfer market, where you negotiate with other scouts to bring in players for a bargain and hopefully sell them later for a profit. It's a game of strategy and skill where every move counts.

Game & Win

Put together your strongest EC team of five players each round, bought or recruited for free, and compete against other scouts for a chance to win the €2000 prize pool! Are you up for the challenge? Join now and compete for glory! The deadline for drafting your team for the first round is June 14 by 9 p.m.

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Grab the analytics, start scouting and invest in player shares before everyone discovers your potential stars.


Why is there an ID Check?

We want to make sure you are 18 years of age or older and that it's really you when we pay out the money.

Is my personal information safe if I use Masterscout?

Yes, we use your information only to approve your account and we never share your information with third parties.

Can I really make money in this app?

Yes, with Masterscout you can make real money. We are a trading platform where you trade in virtual shares of players. It's up to you to make a profit!

How can I pay?

Through our payment provider, you can pay with Ideal, Apple pay and Credit card.

What is the difference between Invest and Trade?

In "Invest," players' virtual shares are sold to the market for the first time in an incremental price. So be quick about it! Once all shares are sold, players move to the "Trade" phase.

In "Trade" you trade players based on supply and demand. Players enter this phase when all virtual shares from the "Invest" phase have been sold

What is FTB?

FTB is our internal payment currency that you use to trade in players' virtual stocks.

What is Masterscout, THE GAME?

In Masterscout, THE GAME our users compete against each other as scouts to see who is the real Masterscout.

What happens to players who transfer abroad after the season?

You just keep these and they are then listed under their new club in the app. The foreign leagues will all be included in Masterscout at a later date as well.

Players also just keep scoring points in Masterscout, THE GAME as long as they keep playing in the bigger European leagues.

How do I use the referral code?

Give your referral code to 1 of your friends who does not yet have an account at Masterscou. As soon as he or she uses this code when registering at Masterscout and then deposits 50 FTB (=50 euros) or more, you will receive 10 FTB (=10 euros) as a gift from us! You can find your referral code in the masterscout app at Account->Settings. There, copy the code and paste it into your message to your friends.

Our game rules


Want to know more or have questions? Contact us super fast via Whatsapp by clicking the green button at the bottom of the screen or send your email to [email protected]